Monday, November 12, 2012

The Wakatapu Vessels Pass Pitcairn Island

The Wakatapu Vessels Pass Pitcairn Island

Today was a lovely calm day here on Pitcairn Island.  This afternoon while teaching in the classroom we heard a voice on the radio from the passing Wakatapu vessels.  So we took the school children up to the Ship’s Landing lookout point and watched the two waka as they sailed past.  The red sail stood out against the blue of the Pacific.  If you have not been following the voyage of the waka as they follow in the wake of their ancestors from Auckland, New Zealand to Rapanui (Easter Island) and return, you can view their website on 

The two waka originally left Auckland on 17th August. They left Mangareva on 7thNovember and are journeying towards Rapanui. Pitcairn Island is about one quarter of the way to Rapanui from Mangareva. We wish them all well on their voyage. 
Paul on Rapanui in February this year
Paul on the rim of the ancient volcano on Rapanui

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  1. I enjoyed reading your comments and looking at your photos of Pitcairn. How on earth do you manage to live so isolated!! ;-)